Even as the global pandemic runs its course, many people still must cope with their everyday health needs. This is especially true for those who suffer from chronic pain, whether due to injury or a long-term medical condition. Since going to physical therapy or seeing your specialist for pain is probably not a feasible option right now, some patients have had to find ways to adapt and cope on their own. But what if you are still struggling? Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do by yourself to manage your pain from the comfort of your home.

Simple Temperature Therapies

Hot and cold therapies are a tried and true method for pain management. Best of all, these treatments can be administered at home with ease! Simply putting a hot pack or heating pad on the pained area or taking a hot bath is a simple, non-invasive way to reduce pain and loosen muscles.

For cold temperature therapies, a simple ice bath can work wonders. If that is not doable, consider putting an ice pack over the affected area.

For another method of heat therapy, consider investing in some paraffin wax. Paraffin wax softens the  skin and relieves pain, particularly in the hands and feet. You can easily purchase paraffin baths and wax supplies online; they will be shipped to your doorstep within days!

Keep Up With Your Physical Therapy Routine

This next tip is simple, and may not require too many accessories. If you’ve been seeing a physical therapist before quarantine, chances are you’ve been given a series of therapeutic exercises to help manage your pain and build muscle mass. In short, don’t stop doing them! Maintaining a routine with your physical therapy exercises can help relieve pain over time, and most exercises assigned to you can be done alone at the home.

Sometimes, these routines require accessories like exercise bands and small weights, which are inexpensive and can be shipped to your home. If you have questions, speak with your physical therapist regarding the exercises you can do at home.

Orthopedic Pillows and Slings

When you need to rest pained areas in a comfortable position, orthopedic items work best. Slings and braces can help with joint problems, arthritis, and carpal tunnel by keeping the user from moving in a way that can cause pain and irritation. Since these items are often made for the user to put on while getting dressed, not much help is required for them. Orthopedic pillows can also help rest your body in a position that can relieve pain as well. If you’re worried about germs, you can slip a pillowcase over the pillow and keep it wherever you rest most.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Finally, meditation and mindfulness activities can help relieve pain when practiced in conjunction with any other treatments recommended by your doctor. By practicing mindfulness and deep breathing, you can relieve unintentional tension in the muscles and chest and focus your mind on something other than relieving pain.

To add a fitness aspect, yoga and tai chi both exercise the muscles gently, while utilizing mindfulness skills to ground people in reality. All of these exercises do not require any physical interaction whatsoever, and can be done easily from the home and even in your backyard!

For more information on pain management products, speak with your doctor or contact Medical Supply Depot.


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