You know you need to get your physical therapy exercises in, but it’s dreadful outside. Unfortunately, sometimes the rain just never seems to end, which can put a damper on your exercise plans. However, you can do physical therapy exercises indoors, out of the rain, and keep up your progress regardless of the weather. Read on for some ideas of what you can do inside, and the tools you’ll need to do them.

Pedal Indoors

If you can’t take your bike out for a spin, try a folding exercise peddler to take the experience inside. This can be a nice and relaxing form of exercise, as it is low-impact and rehabilitative. You can set a peddler in front of your couch or under a desk or table and enjoy a few episodes of your favorite TV show or a few chapters of the book you’ve been reading while you pedal away. The best part? No rain to speak of here! It’s a fully indoor way to exercise that gives you the benefit of using a bike.

Resistance Training

Resistance training can mean using your own body weight as resistance, as in push-ups or certain yoga poses. It can help your strength and doesn’t require leaving the living room. Try push-ups if you like, or spend some time in a plank pose to help strengthen your core. If these activities are too strenuous, there are other ways to get the benefits of resistance training. If your physical therapy involves the use of resistance bands, there’s no reason you can’t get them out inside and go through your exercises. This is an easy exercise to transition from the great outdoors to the comfort of your warm and dry home.

Do Household Chores

It may not be on the top of your to-do list to get chores done around the house on a gloomy day, but it may be just what you need to do to get in a little exercise. Doing chores allows you to get your blood moving and your body loosened up.


If chores aren’t enough for you to feel that you’ve really exercised, consider wearing weights while you do them for extra resistance and more of that exercise feeling. Whether you choose weights or not, you can take comfort in the fact that your house is decluttered and you’ve exercised, all without going outside.


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