Learning how to regain independence after an illness or injury is crucial. If you or a loved one is unsure where to begin, don’t worry--many people find it hard to do some of the things they could do before. Therefore, they need some support to help them get back on their feet.

Rehabilitation services can offer help and care to assist with your bodily condition after an illness or injury. However, if you have suffered a life-changing illness, you can still regain your independence. There are three types of independence that you can achieve, namely, financial, emotional, and physical independence.

How to Regain Your Independence

Exercise and eat well

Exercise will help you shed some weight if you need to and maintain your current weight. It might sound impossible to exercise, especially if you have suffered a spinal cord injury. However, so long as you have your doctor’s approval, proper exercise can actually accelerate your healing.  It may even lead to easier transferring yourself from your wheelchair to your car, toilet, or even to your bed.

Join a local support group

A traumatic injury or illness may understandably affect as much emotionally as it does physically. Support groups entail frequent seminars where individuals going through the same problem come together to give each other inspiration and support. Joining support groups has numerous advantages and is an excellent way to regaining your emotional independence.

Consider going back to work

This is an excellent way to regain financial independence. However, do be sure to check with your doctor first. Returning to work without your doctor’s clearance may further aggravate your injury or at least keep you from doing your very best. If you see an occupational therapist, consider speaking with them about your desire to return to work and what sorts of skills you need to master to ensure that you are ready.

Invest in aides

Safety must always come first, especially if recovery is happening at your home. Some safety measures must be taken to ensure a safe rehabilitation. The first thing to do is eliminate any hazard like loose carpets. Additionally, use assistive devices that will make your recovery easier. Some of the best assistive devices that can help include;

  • Bedroom assistive devices; sock aids, button, and zipper aids
  • Mobility devices like wheelchairs and walking aids
  • Bathroom aids like shower chairs, grab rails and bathroom rails, transfer benches, bedside commodes


Get The Right Supplies

Setting goals is one of the best ways to regain your independence. You can relearn everything in a short while. Just take one goal at a time, and don’t be scared to ask for help if you need it. We all need some help from time to time. Whether you are a physician, a patient, or a therapist, you can be sure to find quality assistive devices at Medical Supply Depot. Call us today at (800) 965-7496 to place your order.

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