whether you have broken your leg, suffered a stroke, or have undergone extensive surgery, your physician may recommend that you use a walking aid to help you heal quickly. Using a cane, crutches, or a walker will assist with balance, keep your weight off your leg, and help you complete your daily tasks safely.

Relearn Mobility Before you Get Back to Work

When learning how to use a walking aid, you should have a family member or a close friend help you get the hang of it. In the beginning, you may find it challenging to use your walking aid. However, after practice, you will gain enough confidence and learn how to walk with the aid safely.

Using the toilet facilities

Ensure that the toilet paper is within reach, especially if the toilet at your workplace has a raised toilet seat. To use the restroom, follow these steps:

  1. Back up until you touch the toilet with the back of your legs.
  2. Move your injured or weak leg slightly forward.
  3. Bend your knees and lower your body slowly to the toilet seat using the sink, countertop, or toilet armrest to support you.

Follow the above steps in reverse when standing up. Push yourself up with your hands from the toilet seat using the toilet safety frames and rails instead of using your walker.

Getting in and out of your car

You should avoid traveling in small cars, vehicles with steps, or cars with low bucket seats. When possible, always sit at the front seat. Have the driver park the car a meter away from the curb and instruct them to slide the passenger seat back as far as possible. To get out of your car, follow these steps:

  1. Move back until you feel the edge of the car on the back of your legs.
  2. Use the back of the seat and the car frame to support yourself. Slide your weak or injured leg slightly forward, bend your knee, and lower yourself onto the passenger car seat. Take care not to hit your head.
  3. Slide yourself back towards the middle of the car and lift your legs one at a time.

To get out of the car, follow these steps in reverse.

Get the Right Walking Aid

Your legs support your body, help you walk, jump, and run. But just like other parts of your body, they can wear out or get hurt. When this happens, you will need the right walking aid to help you improve your sense of stability. When you need extra support, call Medical Supply Depot today at (800) 965-7496 to get the right walking aid. 

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