Our bodies are made to move throughout the day, so sitting in one position for an extended period of time can become extremely uncomfortable. If you or your loved uses a wheelchair, the slightest adjustments to how you are sitting or the construction of the chair itself will make all the difference.


Here are some ways to achieve maximum comfort in your wheelchair all day long!

Seat and back cushions

First and foremost, you will need a quality seat cushion. New cushion fabrics are breathable and flexible. Some are even waterproof, such as Medical Supply Depot’s Gel "E" 3" Wheelchair Cushions with Gel Bladder. It is made with a foam that forms to the body while providing stability.


Back problems occurs when you don’t have lumbar support. Although rolling up a towel and placing it behind your lower back can help, purchasing a back cushion will be the best way to maintain a comfortable posture.

Arm and leg rests

If you begin to feel pain, make tiny modifications with adjustable armrests and footrests. An important tip is to adjust your knees higher than your hips.


Additionally, you should never settle for plastic armrests. Getting a wheelchair with cushioned armrests is one of the easiest ways to add comfort. You can now even purchase foot cushions as well!


If you will be using your wheelchair on a daily basis, shopping around for one with these kinds of attachments will be worthwhile. A great example is the Nova Ortho-Med Wheelchair, which has detachable arms, elevating leg rests, and a height adjustable seat.

Other tips and tricks

Sometimes the answer to curing pain is simply to cross and uncross your legs. This relieves pressure points and shifts your weight to another part of the body. Or try reclining your seat back just a few degrees. The last thing you want is to get a pressure sore or back pain.


Avoid thick or bulky clothing and items with lots of zippers and buttons—especially in the back. They serve as pressure points and rub against the skin. If you are cold, it is better to layer with thinner materials.


Accessories such as cup holders are available for convenience, and safety features like patient alarms and seat belts provide security. There are so many ways to feel at ease wherever you go!


As wheelchair accessories and designs are improving, so are comfort levels. Medical Supply Depot is here to help you find what you need to enhance your well-being!




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