An ostomy is a life-saving procedure that creates a stoma-- an alternate way for waste to exit the body. To properly care for a stoma, specific tools are required like collection bags, skin barriers, and drainage pouches. Outside of the required materials, several other stoma care products can make living with a stoma much more comfortable as well.

Cleaners and Deodorants

While you can clean a stoma using gentle soap and water, stoma cleaning solutions are designed specifically for cleaning around the stoma. These cleaners not only disinfect the area but can eliminate foul odors, making them a must-have product for anyone recovering from an ostomy. Some stoma cleaners act as deodorants as well, meaning they prevent odor from accumulating around the area for a short time after cleaning. Stoma deodorants can also be purchased separately to use right after cleanings.

Protective Pastes and Powders

To help keep the stoma itself from drying out, stoma pastes and powders act as an extra protective barrier from dry air and bacteria. Stoma powders can also absorb excess moisture around the stoma and skin barrier to prevent infection as well. Some pastes act as adhesives as well and can prevent the skin from getting too wet or dry while keeping the skin barrier secure.


Before purchasing any powders or pastes for your stoma, be aware of your personal care needs and hygiene routine. Then, consider asking your doctor for recommendations.


To keep the skin barrier secure, skin-safe adhesives help prevent infection and leakage. These adhesives are strong and designed specifically for medical use, meaning they are gentle on the skin. Most skin adhesives are liquid or paste. Liquid adhesives are typically applied via a spray bottle or a brush applicator. While skin adhesives are safe to use, they can be a bit difficult to wash off, especially with just soap and water. Fortunately, stoma adhesive removers act as a powerful cleaner that removes any traces of adhesive from the skin. This can make cleaning the stoma easier in general, as well as skin barrier reapplication.


If you are curious about how to properly clean a stoma or use these products, speak with your doctor for more information. To browse ostomy supplies and basic materials, visit Medical Supply Depot website.

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