Being bedbound can seriously take a toll on someone’s mental health, especially if they require extra assistance for daily tasks like eating, going to the bathroom, and getting out of bed. To help make being bedridden a bit more bearable, here are some products to help enhance users’ comfort and independence:

Hospital Beds

The first thing on our list is the hospital bed, which can be purchased for the home. Hospital beds may not look like much at first glance, but the ability for patients to control their back position and bed height can provide users with a much larger sense of control. Hospital beds come in three main types. The first kind is the full-electric bed, which gives users complete control of their bed height and back position through a control pad. Partial-electric beds allow users to alter their back position on their own, but bed height adjustments will require assistance. Manual hospital beds require extra assistance for both adjustments, but regardless of choice, users will still be able to sit up without constantly fluffing extra pillows.

Overbed Tables

When it comes to activity, there isn’t much anyone can do in bed. Fortunately, overbed tables can provide people with a flat surface that they can use for more than just eating. Since overbed tables are made to swing away from the bed as needed, users can put them away if they need sleep. These tables are great for a number of activities, plus they are durable and can be moved from place to place as well.

Patient Lifts

To help users get out of bed, patient lifts are an excellent option, especially for wheelchair users that need assistance getting out of bed. Patient lifts typically require some help to use, but they make the process of moving out of bed far easier for both parties. Heavy-duty lifts are designed specifically for bariatric users as well.

Sit-to-Stand Aids and Bedrailings

People who don’t need the help of a manual lift but still need extra assistance when getting out of bed will benefit most from bedrails and other sit-to-stand aids. These devices are typically made of fiberglass or another durable, lightwieght material, and some even be elongated as well. Both bedrails and sit-to-stand aids do not require professional installation, nor do they require a prescription to purchase.


The final item on this list is designed specifically for people who may not always be able to make it to the bathroom at night. Commodes are, in essence, portable toilets that people can set up in a patient’s bedroom, so they won’t have to walk as far to reach the toilet. Commodes are designed to be sturdy, easy to transport, and even come in heavy duty varieties for bariatric patients.

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