We’ve all been there --- after a long day of walking in ill-fitting shoes or even exposure to certain detergents or chemicals in our socks, our feet have developed some nasty blisters that aren’t the most comfortable to deal with. Those with diabetes specifically have trouble determining when they have a wound on their feet. Diabetic patients are less sensitive to pain and might not feel and emerging wound or changes in an existing one, often due to nerve damage from high blood sugar levels. If you’re a diabetic, or are a caregiver to someone with diabetes, here are some ways to handle your wound the right way and keep your feet healthy.


1.  Keep your feet moisturized

Many of those with diabetes make the mistake of keeping their skin dry and not moisturized. Chapped or dry skin, especially on the feet are common with diabetes experiencing nerve damage and the more susceptible your feet are to these elements, the more unaware you’ll be of an existing wound change.


Putting some moisturizing cream like Swiss-American Elta-Swiss Skin Cream on the balls and heels of the feet help to lock in moisture. The cream is fragrance-free and has no harsh ingredients that would otherwise be sensitive for diabetic skin. Avoid putting cream between your toes, as extra moisture can lead to infection.


2.  Inspect your feet daily

Due to a decreased tendency for diabetic sufferers to feel changes in existing foot wounds, inspecting the feet daily is important and many diabetics fail to do so leading to serious infections. Looking for any abnormalities in existing wounds like change in size or color can indicate if medical attention is needed.


Additionally, be sure to inspect and take care of corns and calluses as soon as they appear. Using FNC Medical Diabet-X Callus Treatment is ideal for eliminating calluses and stopping the growth of bacteria on the feet.

3.  Trim Toenails Routinely

Many diabetic sufferers make the mistake of letting their toenails grow too long or not trimming them properly leading to fungal infections that are hard to treat. Using a pedicure set like Medicool Nail Care Plus helps to shape and form nails neatly and keep the foot clean from any toenail growth abnormalities like ingrowns. The set is also battery powered and comes in a compact travel case to take with you on-the-go so a long vacation won’t deter you from your foot care routine.



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