When you get sick, your doctor may suggest that you stay in bed. While you may not always take it literally, bedrest is essential for two main reasons: to help you get better and to prevent you from infecting others.

For example, exercising while sick can negatively affect your recuperation period, because the body releases stress hormones that alter the normal functioning of the white blood cells.

What You Should Do While on Bedrest

While going on bedrest may sound like the best thing, the reality is that bedrest can sometimes be quite unpleasant. Apart from boredom and depression, spending months lying in certain positions can present health challenges. For instance, they lead to excessive weight gain. Below are some of the things you can do while on bedrest to avoid depression, boredom, and excess weight.

Read a book

Bedrest will limit your ability to do most of the things you’re used to. This may arouse feelings of sadness and boredom because there isn’t much you can do. However, one of the best ways to prevent boredom is by reading a book. You can get lost in a book for several hours.


If your doctor has not put you on strict bedrest, then you can do light exercises. Simple activities like walking, moving around using a wheelchair or scooter will do. Light exercises will help in blood circulation and keep you distracted.

Treat yourself

To prevent boredom, remember to treat yourself. To do this, you can have a home spa day. Get the right shampoo and body wash, especially if the air at home or hospital is dry. A moisturizing body lotion with your favorite scent will help lift your spirits.

Have friends and relatives come over

Invite your close friends and family to your house or the hospital you’re staying in. They will keep you company and even make you laugh. For those who cannot visit you physically, you can use Skype to chat. Friends and relatives will help you become emotionally content and help pass time.

Groom and self-preserve yourself

While on bedrest, it’s very easy to lose yourself – no coffee dates, massages, or waxing and shaving appointments. However, instead of focusing on what you can’t do, which can cause depression, think about the things you can do. For example, while you may not be able to visit your local massage spa, you can get powder lotions and creams and request a friend or family member to provide a foot massage.

A Word from the Experts

While bedrest can be difficult and frustrating, the above tips will help you get through bedrest without any issues. To make your bedrest more comfortable, ensure that you have the right supplies. Visit Medical Supply Depot and browse a variety of products you may need, or call a friendly customer care agent at (800) 965-7496 to place your order.




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