A constant ringing sound in your ear has become increasingly noticeable over time. In fact, it has become hard to enjoy peace and quiet. If this describes you, you might be suffering from tinnitus.

So, what is to be done about this strange condition?

This phenomenon can be confusing, as medical professionals may not always be able to find its source. Tinnitus can be associated with a range of different conditions, from hearing loss to high blood pressure (allowing doctors to help solve the issue). As always, it is best to let your doctor diagnose the issue and come up with a treatment plan that works for you.

That said, if you just want to get that noise out of your head, some methods have been found to reduce and eliminate tinnitus in cases that do not seem to be linked to other medical conditions. Two treatment options include sound maskers and behavioral therapy. Here’s what you should know:

Sound Maskers: Overpowering Tinnitus

While it may be difficult to completely get rid of tinnitus from a medical standpoint, technology can offer a helping hand when it comes to making tinnitus a lot less noticeable. An example of this situation is provided by the use of sound maskers. Sound maskers are machines that use the power of white noise to greatly diminish the intensity of tinnitus (by making it comparatively quieter than said white noise). This development will allow individuals experiencing tinnitus to relax and get a break from the ringing.

Behavioral Therapy: Becoming One with The Noise

Another approach to the fight against tinnitus is to accept the noise and find a way to become comfortable with it. Behavioral therapy can help individuals to see tinnitus as a part of their life rather than a hurdle they must overcome. This approach is more easily applied to less severe cases. However, it is a very viable method as around fifty million Americans deal with Tinnitus (and the condition revolves around perception and not necessarily any external noise). Behavioral therapy can help those dealing with Tinnitus to lead healthier, happier lives.

Tinnitus and Treatment: Bottom Line

As with any first signs of medical conditions, contacting a doctor is the best choice when it comes to Tinnitus (as it can sometimes be linked to health factors). However, sound maskers and behavioral therapy can serve as effective solutions for individuals who experience tinnitus that does not seem to trace back to another medical condition. These alternatives make tinnitus feel like less of a burden.

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