Everyone loves to get comfortable in their nice warm bed. Unfortunately, when you are bound to that bed for weeks or even months on end, that sense of comfort may quickly vanish. Bedrest is commonly recommended for complications during pregnancy, broken bones, old age, or general illness. However, lack of exercise, boredom, and the inability to do just about anything are universal experiences for people who need bed rest. Here are a few tips to make your time in bed more bearable:

Make Yourself Comfortable

When assigned bed rest, your doctor may recommend specific pillows or supports to help maintain proper posture while in bed. Orthopedic pillows come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to elevate parts of the body as needed. For example, orthopedic pillows can support the legs or neck during bed rest to speed up the healing process or keep muscles from straining. Assistive pillows and bed wedges are mainly used to prop up patients who need support while sitting up. They can also be used to support patients who need to elevate their head while sleeping.

Get Stuff Done in Bed

With comfort out of the way, the next problem to tackle with bed rest is boredom. Use the newfound time you have to do things you enjoy, or learn a new skill. Arts and crafts like knitting are a popular choice, but drawing, painting, and doing puzzles are all viable options. Bedrest is also the perfect excuse to binge that television show you want to see, play video games all day, or read that book you’ve been looking to read. If you have something to keep your mind occupied, you’re doing it right!

One common obstacle for those subject to bed rest in their table. TV trays right next to the bed work on occasion but can strain the back and neck muscles. The best solution? An overbed table. Overbed tables are great for keeping food, your laptop, or whatever you are working on right in front of you while in bed. They can also swing away from the bed itself, allowing patients to control where the table is during the day.

Stay Fit!

The longer you remain in bed rest, the weaker you may become. To avoid this, get some exercise! How you stay fit while in bed is completely up to you, but there are a few ways you can exercise while staying under the covers. If you’re able to do a more intense workout, leg marches, leg lifts, and reverse crunches are all doable in bed. You can also do planks and other stretches as well. For a simpler workout, squeezing a stress ball or using ankle weights with upper arm exercises can help build muscle and burn calories. You can also do arm and leg circles, stretches, and push your hands and feet against the bed as well. No matter what, staying safe is the most important, so don’t push yourself!

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