Moving your parents to a nursing home is never a pleasant topic. Transitioning to a nursing home can be draining as well as emotionally challenging, both for the caregiver and the patient. The first visit is usually the most uncomfortable. Seniors typically take time to adjust to their new home, many of whom want to age at home, making their admission to a nursing facility a stressful time for them as well as their relatives. Therefore, caregivers should help facilitate the transition into a smooth one. Read on for tips for a smooth experience.

Is a Nursing Facility the Right Solution?

One of the most emotionally straining choices that you can make is placing your loved one in a nursing facility. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have the financial capabilities to take care of your loved one; you simply might not have the expertise to give your loved one the care they need. Admitting this does not make you weak--nor does it mean that you are giving up on your loved one. If you know what to expect, this process can be a whole less painful for everyone.

What to expect

As the days pass, you and your loved one will feel better about your decision. Take time to plan out the time after you leave the facility. During the first week, people will call to check in on you since they’ve already heard the news of your loved one’s move and you will find yourself visiting your loved one more often.

Before moving in

Check to confirm if the facility has enough room to move a wheelchair and other mobility aids. Ask for a floor plan and dimensions to help ensure that everything fits without crowding the room. Additionally, ask about essential supplies that you may have to bring to avoid extra costs.

What to pack

Packing is the most emotional and challenging part of helping a loved one move to a nursing facility. Allow your loved one to hold on to some family inheritances, treasures, seasonal clothing, and decorations as well as other significant belongings. This helps them feel more at home. Every nursing home packing list is different; however, some vital considerations apply to every category. For instance,

  • Accessories and clothing
  • Decorative touches
  • Electrical items
  • Linens and bedclothes
  • Skin care and other personal care products

Making your loved one feel at home

Your parents might be upset and angry about being placed in a nursing facility. You will both need time to adjust. Here are some tips to help counter that undesirable drive and make it convenient for everybody.

  • Keep an eye for non-verbal indications. This will help you know if your loved one is depressed.
  • Know that they might need you to be there to listen to their concerns and not judge them
  • Make sure you are keen to hear their worries.
  • Provide them with essential products, such as incontinence, assistive furniture, or urological

Help Your Loved One to Adjust to Their New Home

A new environment can be a big challenge, especially for people with dementia. If you’re moving your loved one, the above tips will help with the transition. To help your loved one adjust to the nursing facility, visit Medical Supply Depot today or call (800) 965-7496 to get quality products that your loved one may need.






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