Wheelchairs are an excellent way for people to stay mobile at home and in public, but traveling from place to place by car or bus can be incredibly difficult. To learn more about traveling with a wheelchair, read on:

Wheelchair-Friendly Vehicles

Wheelchair-accessible vans are one of the most popular ways for people with wheelchairs to travel safely and comfortably. These vans feature ramps for loading and unloading chairs, as well as straps to secure the chair in the car. Wheelchair vans are best for electric wheelchairs since they won’t have to worry about difficult storage or transport requirements. Unfortunately, wheelchair-accessible vans tend to be quite expensive, but some organizations or sellers will provide partial coverage based on the buyer’s insurance.

I Don’t Have a Wheelchair Accessible Car. What do I do?

If you don’t have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, there are still ways to travel with a wheelchair in tow. If you travel by car, a vehicle that can fit a wheelchair in the trunk is always a good option, and there are other methods of storing wheelchairs for easy transport.

Folding Chairs

Folding wheelchairs are most often manual chairs as well. These chairs will fold into a smaller, more manageable shape and fit in most car trunks. Manual folding chairs can be pretty heavy and difficult to manage without proper equipment, however. In some cases, a lightweight manual wheelchair may be best suited for travel and transport.

Carrying Cases and Bags

If you own a manual wheelchair, chances are it may come with a carrying case. These cases are designed to hold and protect the wheelchair while it’s folded up and make it a bit easier to carry around. If your wheelchair does come with its own carrying case, excellent! Otherwise, you can purchase carrying cases for your type of wheelchair separately. To do so, you may need to speak with your doctor or medical supplier for exact information on your wheelchair’s make and model.

Wheelchair Racks and Storage Trailers

Wheelchair storage racks are another way wheelchair users can bring their chair with them on the road. These devices attach directly to the car like a bike rack and provide a safe, sturdy way to store a wheelchair while on the go. For electric wheelchairs, a small storage trailer may be more effective since these chairs cannot fold for easy storage and transportation.

For more information regarding your personal travel needs, speak with your primary care physician. To browse wheelchairs, transport chairs, and wheelchair accessories, visit Medical Supply Depot.