Lounging under the warm sun as you listen to the ocean waves and admire children as they construct sand castles seems like the best vacation. You want to take a vacation to relax. But the last thing you need is to worry about finding a restroom while at the beach, amusement park, museum, or when traveling to your destination.

Fortunately, more than 33 million Americans experiencing urinary incontinence can now travel on trains, planes, or in cars comfortably by using the right incontinence products. Most of the time, urine leakage seems to happen when least expected, and learning how to prevent accidents and preparing for the unexpected while on air or on the road will prevent a stressful vacation.

Tips for Traveling with Incontinence

Choose a comfy travel outfit

While selecting the right outfit is important, ensure that you select a comfy outfit that you can easily change. Additionally, you will need to wear incontinence protection products. Consider wearing an absorbent pad, a bladder control pad, and a disposable adult brief, especially for a long trip.

Reserve a seat near the lavatories

While it may not seem pleasant to reserve a seat near the lavatory, it is very convenient. It provides quick access to the bathroom. Remember to carry odor eliminators to neutralize the smell.

Get a catheter

Talk to your physician about the right catheter before your trip. There are different types of catheters; some catheters are inserted only when emptying the bladder, other types of catheters can be left there for days. Your physician will help you choose the right catheter that you can easily manage while traveling.

Limit your liquid intake

Tight seat belts and drastic changes in the cabin pressure can add pressure on your bladder, especially when it’s full. Additionally, the “fasten your seatbelt” light is unpredictable, and limiting your fluids will help you remain composed. In case you feel dehydrated, avoid consuming diuretics like coffee or soda. Plain water is a bladder-friendly option.

Pack accordingly

Pack everything you will need, including extra supplies. When packing incontinence products, ensure that you carry plenty of them and some plastic bags to dispose of them. If you intend to stay overnight, ensure that you have packed a bedwetting alarm.

Where Can I Get Incontinence Products?

Traveling with incontinence is simple and trouble-free if you are well-prepared. With the variety of incontinence products in the market today, you can travel effortlessly. Worry yourself about the fun you will have on vacation, but not incontinence. For the best incontinence products, visit Medical Supply Depot today, or call (800)965-7496 to order by phone. 

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