Strokes affect nearly 750,000 people annually and can result in severe brain damage. In fact, stroke is a leading cause of disability among adults in the United States. Stroke can also lead to aphasia, the inability to communicate with others through impairment of language as well as reading and writing skills. The results of aphasia can be devastating, but there are several ways to provide care to someone struggling with the condition, increasing their quality of life.


What is aphasia?

After injury to the brain, aphasia may develop. Aphasia is marked by the loss of language abilities and can affect both speech comprehension and the ability to read or write. Additionally, aphasia may make it difficult to recall the names of everyday objects or to form sentences. There are several stages of aphasia, ranging from severe global aphasia to primary progressive aphasia, typically caused by neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

What are the symptoms?

Aphasia can manifest itself in many ways. These symptoms should be taken seriously, as trouble speaking is a common sign of stroke. Moreover, if you or a loved one begin experiencing these symptoms, seek medical help immediately:


  • Repetition of words and phrases that are often persistent
  • Social isolation and depression
  • Jumbled speech with no real pattern
  • Loss of the ability to write
  • Inability to understand others conversations
  • Speaking unrecognizable words

 How is aphasia treated?

Although there is no cure for the condition, aphasia can be maintained through several treatment strategies, one being speech and language therapy. Support groups and psychotherapy can also be beneficial to the patient to let them be aware that they are not alone and to seek assistance whenever necessary. While aphasia affects speech patterns and often the ability to communicate, having these products from Medical Supply Depot can help someone suffering from aphasia live a better life.


-Compu In-Line Amplifier- For those with mild forms of aphasia, simply increasing the volume of their telephone while making calls can allow them to understand what the other person is saying clearly. This amplifier can increase corded phone volume up to 35 times and is easily connectable directly through the handset.


  • Alimed Qualcare Door Alarm- For someone suffering from aphasia, the ability to communicate when in danger can be difficult. This door alarm provides extra security and is an effective way to alert anyone from suspicious individuals. It is activated when a door is attempting to be open and can be easily heard over loud conversations or appliances.


National Aphasia Association Fact Sheet:


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