Having a walking aid that is easy to use and fits your environment is great, but sometimes, your walking aid may need a few adjustments and accessories to make it perfect. Here are some of the must-have accessories for your walking aids:

Why Accessorize?

It may seem pointless to get accessories for your cane, walker, or rollator, but adding accessories can make using your walking aid a far more enjoyable experience all around. Some add-ons make movement easier and provide extra support when needed. Other accessories make it easier to carry your things with you, reducing stress from wearing a bag or the need for someone else to carry your things. Since accessories can be added or removed as needed, walking aid accessories can bring versatility to your device.

Trays and Baskets

Walker trays and baskets are some of the most common walking aid accessories since they are the most versatile out of the bunch. Removable walker trays are often seen around nursing home dining areas since they allow residents to carry their food with them on a stable surface. Baskets work similarly and are most often used to hold small bags, water bottles, or other small items.

Removable Walker Wheels

If you have a standard walker that would benefit from some wheels, these removable wheels are an excellent choice for converting your walker as needed. Wheeled walkers and rollators may also some with removable wheels, depending on the brand. Thus, replacing broken or worn down wheels is made even easier!

Cane Tips

To help provide extra stability, pronged cane tips can be added or removed to any cane as needed. With four prongs instead of just the single cane tip, weight is distributed evenly and can improve the user’s balance. For cane tips that have worn down, replacement tips can be bought as well.


To make walking on hard floors easier, cane and walker glides create a smoother surface to prevent your device from squeaking and stopping when moved along the floor. Glides are ideal for those who need the stability of a walker but the maneuverability of a rollator, since they can be added and removed to the feet of any walker, and they provide more friction on the ground than wheels.

Cupholders and Tote Bags

The last two accessories on this list are similar to the trays and baskets from earlier, but provide users with more space to move around. For rollators, cupholders make an excellent option for carrying drinks, especially for users who use their rollator seat every so often to rest. Tote bags are another option for carrying supplies, although they are less common than baskets. Tote bags, however, can be purchased in all shapes and sizes, giving users a wider range of storage options than that of a basket.


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