Your physician may recommend bed rest so that you can give your body the chance to heal. An example of this is during or after pregnancy, usually in an attempt to alleviate some pregnancy complications. However, sometimes bed rest can make you antsy, or maybe you don’t know what else you should be doing besides lying in bed. Read on to learn more.

Bed Rest During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, your physician may prescribe bed rest to protect you and your baby, especially if your pregnancy is high risk. Some conditions that might require bed rest include placental previa, preeclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation. If you find yourself put on bed rest for the next few months, and you have to lie down for long periods, ensure that you stock supplies that will you’re your rest more comfortable.

The length of your bed rest will be determined by the reason your doctor prescribed bed rest for you. The doctor might require you to slightly restrict your activities or even strictly remain in bed or a comfortable couch. The following are the permitted activities in case your doctor prescribes a strict bed rest;

  • Short walk to the bathroom
  • Limited stair climbing
  • Standing for short periods, not longer than half an hour

What to do During Bed Rest

Sometimes, your doctor may recommend modified bed rest. This will allow you to stay on your bed or couch in a sitting position but restrict some activities like lifting and other strenuous activities. Regardless of the type of bed rest prescribed, if its long term, you must remember to exercise your legs to keep the blood circulating and avoid clots.

How to survive bed rest

You can make your bed rest as enjoyable as you can with the following tips;

Get organized

Make sure everything you might need is within reach. An overbed table can be significant for reading, writing, eating, grafts and games.

Blankets and pillows

Always keep extra blankets and pillows. You can get sore legs, stiff back and kinked neck by sitting for long periods. Remember to ask for help to rearrange or add pillows whenever you start to feel an ache setting in.


Take a nap; however, try not to nap too much. Sleep at regular and organized time. If you sleep until late in the day, you might have trouble sleeping well during the night. If you get an upset stomach while on bed rest, raise your mattress or even put a wedge or form block beneath your pillow to keep your head higher than your stomach.

Allow friends and family to help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help with meals, household errands and chores. People might call to ask if you need any help. To get emotional support and maintain a positive attitude, connect with other people on bed rest and share your fears, hopes and concerns.

Establish a routine

Bed rest may make you feel like you are not in control of anything. Change into comfortable clothes and have a schedule for the day.

Get Bed Rest Products

If your doctor has prescribed bed rest treatment, it must be for a good reason. To remain comfortable during this time, get some essential supplies like a bed rope ladder that will make sitting up easier. You will also need machine washable, dryable and reusable bed pads for protection against dampness from incontinence, leaks or bed baths. Get all the necessary bed rest products at Medical Supply Depot.






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