Whether you use a wheelchair yourself or you’re in search of a vehicle that will accommodate a friend or family member, you’ll need to pick a vehicle that can comfortably serve your needs. Gone are the days when vans were the only viable option for passengers in wheelchairs; now SUVs, pickup trucks and even motorcycles can be adapted for use by persons with disabilities.


With so many options on the table and different adaptive possibilities for each, you don’t have to settle for something that isn’t you. Let’s look through some key factors to consider:

Accessible Entrances

If you opt for a van, you’ll need to decide what type of handicap-accessible entrance you want it to have. Most wheelchair-accessible vans have ramps on a side door or in the rear entrance. Side-entrance vans allow people in wheelchairs to get into the driver’s seat or the front passenger’s seat much more easily. Unfortunately, these vehicles do not always fit in standard parking spaces.


Rear-entrance vans, naturally, make it much easier for passengers in wheelchairs to use the rear seating areas in the vehicle. These vans are also easier to park than their side-entrance counterparts, and they’re usually cheaper as well.

Making the Choice

If you use a wheelchair or have other mobility limitations, that shouldn’t impact your ability to choose and use the car you truly want. As you’re planning to buy a car, stay up to date with the full range of products available to you so that you can choose the best car for your lifestyle without compromise.

Thinking Outside the Van

If a van isn’t your style or doesn’t quite suit your needs, lots of different types of vehicles can be adapted for use with wheelchairs or by individuals in wheelchairs. It’s important to keep up with the latest adaptive offerings on the market so that you have the best in safety, convenience, and comfort. Medical Supply Depot offers a wide range of supplies and accessories aimed at helping persons with disabilities drive and ride more easily.


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