A shower bench can be a literal lifesaver for those with mobility issues, especially for those who have trouble bathing. For many, it can improve day-to-day life, increase independence, and encourage better hygiene and safety.

However, for those with limited bathroom space, storing a shower bench can be difficult. If you have or are considering purchasing a shower bench, here are a few simple ideas on how to store yours when it’s not in use.

Leaving It in the Shower

Many people choose to leave their shower bench in the shower when it is not in use. If your bathroom is particularly small, or if you have trouble pulling or lifting objects, this option may not be feasible.

In any case, if you choose to leave your shower bench in the shower, it is probably a good idea to dry it off well after every use. Drying your bench off will prevent mildew or film from developing on the surface, and it will also reduce the chance of slipping and falling next time you use it.

Folding Benches

If you have trouble moving objects, but you live with other people and need to free up shower space for those who don’t use a bench, your best option may be a folding bench, such as this one. This handy device can be kept in the shower or bath without taking up too much space. You also do not need to worry about carrying it around before and after bathing. Not to mention, it is a bit easier to keep dry than a conventional bench, since water naturally runs off of it when folded.

Moving It Around

Another option is to store your bench outside of the shower, or even outside of the bathroom itself. This may be the best option for those with very small bathrooms. While the obvious disadvantage is that you will have to move it around quite often, you will also free up shower space and allow your bench to air out in a less damp and confined area. If you believe that you will have to move your bench around regularly, it may be wise to opt for a smaller, more lightweight bench or stool.

Luckily, when it comes to bathroom and shower mobility equipment, there are a lot of options out there. Whatever your personal needs are, Medical Supply Depot has the resources you need to live your life in safety and comfort!

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