A startling study by the CDC in 2008 shows a high rate of bathroom-related injuries in hospitals, with about 80% caused by falls. The bathroom is a personal space that we all use daily. However, for those less mobile, the slippery environment can become quickly dangerous.


 Instead of spending thousands of dollars just to rebuild a bathroom that suits a patient’s needs, you should consider investing in a shower chair. Read on to learn more

Benefits of the Shower Chair

By simply placing one in your shower, you can sit down while you wash up to minimize the chances of slipping and getting bruises or worse injuries. Having one on hand is smart for anyone who is temporarily injured, but cannot stand on their own in the shower or bath just yet.


It can also be a way to afford greater independence to those disabled and who may have trouble standing for a long period of time. Additionally, as we get older, the comfort of a shower chair may become more appealing, and its ability to provide safety is essential. You can even travel with it so that safety and independence is available to you wherever you go.

Every situation is different, so every chair is unique

There are many options to suit your individual needs. If you are looking for an aid that is simple, a bath stool is a good place to start. This is perfect for anyone looking for a more temporary option, as they are small and slightly less expensive. Another option is a bench. This will come in handy for those searching for hand grips or a wider seat. For a bit more support, you can look to the traditional four-legged chair with a back. Some have arm rests, while others do not. New developments in shower chairs have given us the luxury of built-in commodes and even transfer benches for those with minimal mobility. What is most important is to choose what is most useful and comfortable for you.


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