Holidays bring with them great joy and togetherness with family and friends. However, studies have shown that many people die from heart attacks and strokes during the holidays with troubling frequency, especially during the winter. Why might this be? In this article, we will break down some common reasons people are at higher risk of heart attack or stroke during the holidays.

Triggers for Cardiovascular Problems During the Holidays

The cold weather

For older people who have heart problems, the winter months may be particularly difficult. The cold weather is linked to increased blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. When out in the cold, your arteries constrict to keep you warm, which explains the increased blood pressure.

To reduce the risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack, think twice before joining your family and friends for a sleigh ride, especially if you have been less active over the years.  Make sure to dress warmly and avoid strenuous activities, which can trigger a heart attack. Also, always carry a blood pressure monitor with you.

Unhealthy food

During the holidays, people often spend time enjoying good meals. These frequent meals include unhealthy, greasy, over-salted, deep-fried, and butter-laden foods. Unfortunately, these foods may increase blood pressure and blood sugar, and both high blood pressure and blood sugar are the perfect ingredients for stroke and heart attack. Those suffering from cardiovascular disease are advised to watch what they put on their plates during the holiday season. It may help to track exactly how many calories, fat, carbs, and protein you are getting from each meal.

Excessive alcohol consumption

While you find a little extra holiday happiness in a glass of wine, make sure that it is in moderation. Excessive use of alcohol increases blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart failure.

Ignoring Symptoms and treatments

Most people don’t want to leave the holiday festivities and go to the hospital. This can lead to delayed diagnosis of heart problems. Maybe you have just started the swapping of gifts, and you start feeling unwell. Leave everything, and don’t worry about ruining the moment; things will get worse if you get a stroke or a heart attack. Symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, and discomfort are never to be ignored. Sometimes, not all signs are obvious. Ensure that you have a pulse oximetry to check whether your heart is pumping blood to the body as expected.

Follow up on your treatment. Never depend on your memory for taking your prescriptions. You can separate them into a container labeled by day, set reminders, or use medication helpers.


Wrapping Up – Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke this Holiday

The best way to delay or prevent heart attacks and stroke is by leading a healthy lifestyle this holiday. This means keeping warm, making smart food choices, avoiding tobacco, and drinking alcohol in moderation. Take charge of your health today by visiting Medical Supply Depot and get quality supplies that can help you manage conditions that can put your health and life at higher risk.









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