Medications come in all shapes and sizes. Chances are, you know someone who takes daily medication, or you take daily medication yourself. For caregivers and users alike, “medication helpers” can make taking your daily meds much easier, provide safe storage, and even help out children and adults who have a hard time taking pills. Here are some medication aids and what they do:

Difficulty Swallowing Pills

For people who have a hard time swallowing pills, liquid medicine is usually the go-to. But what if the medication they need only comes as a pill? Medication grinders can be used to grind medications into a fine powder, so that users can mix them with a drink to make taking medications easier. For those who have difficulty holding a cup to swallow pills or swallow a pill mixture, there are two-handled and no-spill cups that give users ease of mobility while taking their medications.

Keep Track of Your Daily Medications

Keeping track of time can be difficult, especially in quarantine. Sometimes, we only need to take pills on certain days or have a different combination of medications to take each day as well. Because of this, pill cases based on the week help provide users with easy-to-open, labeled compartments that eliminate the need to ask yourself “did I take my meds today?”

Pillboxes are not for everyone, and so before you make a purchase, consider how you take your medications, when you take your medications each day, and if a pillbox will help or hinder you.

Keep Pills Locked Away

Sometimes, a patient may live alone and need to access their meds, but are at higher risk when it comes to forgetting to take their meds.  As a result, they may end up taking multiple doses in one day, which in some situations can be life-threatening.

Other times, patients who are at risk of drug overdose physically can’t be allowed to access their medication without assistance. If this is the case, automatic pill dispensers and timed locks can help keep patients safe. Dispensers can be set to provide a given amount of medication once a day, or whenever a dosage needs to be taken. Locks, on the other hand, can be set with a timer or a passcode to keep high-risk patients from accessing them.

Easy to Store and Transport

Travelling with lots of medications can be a hassle; you’ll need to pack extra space for several pill bottles, and if you lose all your medication—you’re screwed! Tiny pill cases are made to hold only a few pills at a time and are a great option when you need to pack light for a quick trip. These containers can also hold as-needed medications like hydroxyzine so you can carry them in your car or bag throughout the day without having to reach for a bottle of pills every time you need one. These cases are small and discreet too.

Remember to consider all your options when discussing pill safety, and speak with your doctor if there are any complications with your medication. To check out some other daily living aids, visit Medical Supply Depot.


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