Diabetic Buying Guide

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life changing experience for both the patient and their caregiver. Learning to manage your diabetes including monitoring blood sugar and understanding all of the equipment and accessories involved requires time and patience. Medical Supply Depot is here to help. We can simplify the situation by offering you the most advanced diabetic supplies that are easy to order. From test strips, lancing devices, and organizers, to skin care products, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to remove the stress of diabetes management so that you can enjoy your life hassle free.


Diabetic Meters & Kits

Fast and accurate, that is what many of our customers look for when ordering diabetic test kits and that’s what we provide. At Medical Supply Depot we carry some of the most popular brand names including LifeScan, Abbott, and Prodigy. Our diabetic test kits are compact, discreet, and easy to read. They require a minimal amount of blood and deliver results within five seconds. Many of them don’t even require manual coding instead it’s done automatically. Coding is an additional step required during monitoring where an electronic adjustment is made to the glucose meter in order to receive reliable results. Instead most of our kits make this adjustment themselves, simplifying the testing process for you.


Diabetic Test Strips 

Though many of our diabetic test kits come with a set of test strips, eventually you will need to renew your supply. If you’re testing before every meal and at bedtime, you’ll require a minimum of four strips per day. At Medical Depot we offer a wide range of test strips specifically designed for the kits we sell. From manufacturers including Abbott, Bayer, and LifeScan, their strips are individually sealed providing them with an extended life. Available in quantities of 50-100 strips per box, they are designed to be discreet in appearance but easy to carry in either a pocket or purse.


Lancing Device & Lancets

Lancets are the small sharp devices designed to prick the skin to obtain a blood sample. They can be used on their own but are often employed with a lancing device making it easier and less painful to obtain the needed sample. We sell several lancing devices that are easy to use and compact. They include a fingertip cap and offer six-depth settings depending on your skin’s thickness in order to draw an accurate sample. Remember each brand’s lancing device will be a bit different but the overall idea remains the same. Conversely our range of disposable lancets available in 100-200 per box fit most lancing devices and are easy to use.


Diabetic Cases and Organizers

When you’re diagnosed with diabetes you never realize how much stuff you have to carry until you actually – have to carry it. That’s why our range of diabetic carrying cases and containers are the smartest and best way to handle your diabetes while on the move. At Medical Supply Depot our cases come with either a cooling pack or are well-insulated to keep your insulin at room temperature for up to 12 hours. Any spike or drop in temperature can affect its efficacy. Our cases are made of nylon and are durable. They can carry pens, test strips, insulin, and other types of equipment. With all of your equipment in one place, it is easily accessible in case of an emergency.


Insulin Needles

Insulin injections have evolved tremendously since they were invented in the 1920s. Today’s users have the choice of using syringes, pens, or needles to administer their insulin. But which one is best for you, needs to be a choice decided by you and your doctor. Once that decision is made, Medical Supply Depot can supply you with a wide range of insulin injecting devices.

Many of our customers who are newly diagnosed confuse needles and syringes. Most often they use the word syringe when technically they mean syringe with a needle attached. The syringe is the actual barrel which contains the insulin and the plunger. At Medical Depot we offer many different styles of syringes ranging from 1ml-20ml in volume with varying needle lengths. Our syringes are designed for single-handed use and are engineered for safe injection.

We also sell a pen by manufacturer Owen-Mumford. This automated injection device can be used with fix needles. A push of a button and the auto-inject device inserts the needle and the contained insulin through the user’s skin and into their bloodstream. The most advanced diabetic treatment in the 21st century.