Incontinence Buying Guide

Whether you’ve experienced a partial or a complete loss of bladder control, finding the right equipment and supplies to discreetly handle your condition can be daunting. That’s where the Medical Supply Depot can help. We carry a wide array of products and some of the most popular brands on today’s market including, Coviden (Kendall), Attends, and First Quality. With free shipping on orders over $75 the fear of paying hefty delivery fees on larger orders is gone. Whether you chose to order online or via telephone you can expect delivery between 1-2 days. We are focused on providing the supplies you need to alleviate some of the mental and physical discomfort associated with incontinence. At Medical Supply Depot our priority is the customer.


Underpads & Chux

Underpads are waterproof mattress protectors. Also known as bedpads or chuxs, they’re placed on top of your sheets to keep your bed dry. When choosing an underpad the most important thing to consider is absorbency. We carry a wide of range with varying levels of absorbency depending on individual leakage amounts. If you’re looking for a unique size or an underpad that has a specific adhesive backing look no further than Medical Supply Depot.


Adult Briefs

Adult briefs known alternatively known as incontinence undergarments are the front-line in leakage protection. From disposable to reusable, quilted to overnight, we offer an assortment of adult briefs from some of the top-selling brands. They can be selected based on size, absorbency capacity, and quantity. Rest assured we’ve got the right adult brief for you. 


Pull Ups & Underwear

If you prefer the fit and style of traditional underwear but also require leakage protection, then our collection of incontinence underwear is perfect. We stock a spectrum of sizes, absorbency levels and quantities, similar to our adult briefs. Whether you order online or over the phone, leakage protection in the style of a traditional brief is within reach.


Bladder Control Pads & Pant Liners

Bladder control pads are a comfortable and discreet way to handle minor incontinence issues. We carry popular brands like Tena, Coviden, and Hartmann USA in a selection of absorbency levels and sizes. Our products can be used with traditional underwear to absorb leaks and liquid without causing any irritation to the skin. They can even be added to adult briefs as added protection for long days or overnights. Whether you prefer a latex-free pad, an aqua gel absorbency barrier, or a pant liner designed specifically for men, we have your product in stock and ready to deliver.


Washcloths & Wipes

Redness, rashes, irritated, and dry skin are often the unpleasant side effects of incontinence. Using a gentle and sanitizing washcloth or wipe can alleviate these issues. Some of our customers prefer our aloe-infused wipes that are tear resistant and disposable. Others enjoy our thick washcloths that are alcohol free and pH-balanced to ensure cleanliness while avoiding skin irritation.