Medical Supply Depot accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  We also accept payments via PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.  

To pay by check or money order, you may place your order via phone or by printing and mailing the order form to: 

Medical Supply Depot
4718 18th Avenue
Suite 180
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Please include your order or estimate number on your check.  Orders will be processed upon receipt and fully cleared payment.  Returned checks are subject to a minimum fee of $25.00.


Payment Verification

We've partnered with Eye4Fraud to cancel or flag potentially fraudulent orders.

Occasionally we may ask you to verify that you're the card owner or that order and ship-to information are legitimate. This verification process is for your protection, rarely delays an order, and generally requires either a simple phone call (which can be done after business hours) or fax communication.

If your order requires verification, we will advise you by phone or email. This is why it's important that you provide multiple contact phone numbers when ordering and that you keep your information current.

It is also important that you understand what we mean by bill-to information on the checkout process. The bill-to address is the address to which your bank mails your monthly credit card statement. The bill-to address you give us must agree with the address that the card-issuing bank has on file. Please be sure you provide the correct information, even if the items are to be shipped to a different location. We regret that they are even occasionally necessary, but these steps are designed to safeguard against credit card fraud and identity theft.


Has your Credit card payment been declined? 

There are several reasons that might explain why:

    • The amount of the transaction exceeds the account's available credit limit.
    • The card on file was either renewed or voided and is no longer active.
    • The issuing bank has not released the initial authorization, even though we have already voided it and started the process of reversing the auth. If this is the case, it can take up to 72 business hours for the funds to be put back into a customer's account. Please contact your bank to request that they remove the credit card authorization or to find out why they are declining the charge.
    • If you believe any of the above issues are preventing your order from being completed, please reach out to your bank for further instructions and directions.

If you require additional support or more information, please reach out to Customer Service via email, Live Chat or phone at (800) 965-7496 (Monday through Friday – 9am to 6pm Eastern)