At Medical Supply Depot, security of your personal information is top priority.  Significant steps have been taken to ensure that your payment and personal information is processed accurately, confidentially and securely.

Medical Supply Depot’s website, Checkout and the My Account is secured via DigiCert SHA-2 256-bit Extended Validation SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Secured Certificate utilizing the highest level of TLS brand validation and protection available today! 

DigiCert Secured Technical Specifications:

    • Extended Validation SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Secured Certificate
    • X.509 format certificate meets software & industry standards
    • Symmetric 256-bit encryption
    • Support 2048-bit public key encryption
    • RSA public-key SHA-2 algorithm (supports hash functions: 256, 384, 512)
    • ECC public-key cryptography (supports hash functions: 256 and 384)
    • Malware Scan
    • Blocklists Checks
    • Fraud Checks

Our TrustedSite Certification certified site is tested and certified to be free of malware, malicious links, viruses, phishing attacks, and other things that can harm you and your computer.  The "live" TrustedSite Certification mark appears only when a web site's security meets the highest security scanning standards of the United States government, as well as of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover PCI Compliance standards.

As an added level of security for orders placed on the Internet, Medical Supply Depot by default does not maintain records of credit card information on file. This information is securely passed directly to our credit card processing company during the ordering process.  Customers can choose to store their checkout information securely for a faster reorder and future checkout experience.